Petts Wood Playgroup

(for Children with Special Needs)


Would you like to be part of a friendly team that helps children with additional needs to reach their potential through play?!

Then why not join the wonderful team of volunteers at PWPG? Read on to find out more information and hear the experiences of a couple of our friendly volunteers...

"I have been privileged to be a helper at PWPG for many years and spend one morning a week playing with some truly inspirational children and getting to know their amazing parents.  Some of the problems the families are faced with, seem huge and unsolvable, but the courage and cheerfulness with which they face these problems, is totally admirable and very humbling. We have lots of laughter, witness huge amounts of effort and patience and above all, enjoy loads of fun! It's never a chore - always a joy."

Can I volunteer?

If you have a spare morning each week and wish to support and care for children with additional needs then we want you.

But what can I offer?

Every person has something to offer the children. All our children have very different needs and personalities and therefore respond and interact with different people. That is what makes PWPG a great place for the children because they can always find someone that suits them.

How much time do I have to give?

Volunteers need to be in PWPG at 9.15am to be ready to receive the children and stay until the room is cleared at the end of the morning at about 12.45. Volunteers can do one or more mornings.

What if I can’t make a day?

If you can’t make a day you are expected that's fine, just let us know as soon as possible so we can ensure we have someone to cover you.

What is involved?

A volunteer’s role is to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for the children, their families and visitors, at all times. Volunteers support the children to participate in all the activities in the room helping them to grow and develop. They also supervise the children at snack time, garden time and soft play. Sometimes we wonder who is having more fun!

How will I know what to do?

When volunteers start they will be supported by the leader and deputies who will show them what we do. Also, the other helpers who have been with us for a while will support and guide you.

But I don’t have any training or childcare qualifications?

We provide in house training on a range of subjects which will help to support you in your roles. Recent training has included vision awareness, first aid and managing behaviour.  

When you start we will complete a Discloser and Barring Services (DBS) process, this is a compulsory check to see if an individual is barred from working with children.

What do I do now?

We'd love to have you on board so get in touch!

Phone: 01689 830822


"I am linked to PWPG in 2 ways, firstly as a Mum of a daughter with cerebral palsy who attended the playgroup for 2 years and secondly as a volunteer helper, which I have been doing now for 3 years.

As a Mum, the playgroup was a fantastic support, both for my daughter and to us as a family. It provided a very caring and nurturing environment and also helped make the transition to full time education so much easier.

As a volunteer, I find my time at the playgroup very rewarding. There are amazing characters with many different needs, the children are always smiling and I count myself lucky to be a small part of their lives."